Monday, October 22, 2012

Mixtape Monday::In the Mood

This week's mixtape doesn't really have a theme to it. It's just a mix of songs part inspired by this cozy weather & part inspired by how i'm feelin'... if that makes any sense to you guys.
Anyways, dive into this good set of songs this week:
Masterswarm- Andrew Bird
Canadian Girl- The Walkmen
Baby's Arms- Kurt Vile
Whoa Now- Louque
So Lonely- The Police
DLZ- TV On The Radio
Beginner's Luck- Eels
Listen to this playlist on spotify: Mixtape Monday::In the Mood
P.S. I tried the Chai Latte at The Coffee Bean for the first time today—amazing. You should all go pick yourself up one of those ASAP.

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