Monday, October 8, 2012

Introducing::Mixtape Monday

I've always wanted to incorporate music into my blog & I have, as you might have noticed, used song titles or lyrics as titles of some blog posts. That said, I've decided to start a segment here on my blog titled "Mixtape Mondays" which is intended to provide a nice set of tracks to get you through the week.
So here we are, the very first installation of "Mixtape Monday".
Download these tunes, grab your best set of headphones or rock out in the car on the way to work/school, whichever you prefer to do... please enjoy.
American Woman- The Guess Who
Black Hills- Gardens & Villa
You're The One- The Black Keys
Papa Don't Take No Mess- James Brown
We Heard- Bazooka Zoo
When I'm Small- Phantogram
The Mall & Misery- Broken Bells
Listen to this mixtape on Spotify: Mixtape Monday::Number One


  1. It seems we have the same taste in music...thanks for the playlist!

    1. Awesome, I'm happy to hear that you appreciate such a diverse bunch of songs!