Friday, May 18, 2012

Bubble Pop Electric

Sunny & I went roller skating by the river today with our thrifty little skates... she just picked her's up at the Salvation Army a couple days ago and I've had my skates that a friend found for me for a couple years. Us two are not the most talented skaters so it was quite an experience. We got all kinds of looks and cleaver remarks from people all along the river.
My outfit today reminds me of something "Baby" would wear in Dirty Dancing. 
It consists of a crop top from forever21, vintage levi's I just recently picked up at Salvation Army for $4, my vintage skates, and a thrifted Ralph Lauren backpack (not pictured).
Sunny's shorts are thrifted.  She cut them into shorts and embellished them with "Rock" and "Star" on each cheek from the clippings of a thrifted t-shirt.
Sorry for the badly written post, I've gotta pack up the last of my things before my parents arrive to pick me up!

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