Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The unintentional red, white, and blue

Here's a photo of the unintentionally patriotic outfit I wore today, haha.
I  picked up this vest at The Wasteland in Santa Monica this summer along with a couple great pieces you'll be seeing more of when the weather cools off. Man I love that place, the store, of course, but the city especially. My mom and foreign exchange sister  found this lightweight dress at a garage sale this last spring and the purse just came in the mail from UO (On Sale!). I belted all of this together with my white leather belt from a thrift store. Also, not pictured are my nude Gap city flats. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Pants

Well, hello there. It's been quite some time since I've posted. I have been super busy with school work... oh man. Today I decided to wear this wild vintage pants that my Aunt gave to me this summer after doing some modeling for her etsy account. You can check out her store here. Anyways, it was quite entertaining to walk around campus today and watch everyone's eyes dart straight down to my pants. Especially the super 'hip' girls who would look at me like "uhm, those aren't true religion jeans." The rest of the outfit consists of a shirt from The Gap with cute little scalloped edges at the buttons and a pair of flats I got on sale at The Gap as well. 
I've got lot's of reading to do... au revoir!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ivy league

Halleluja! I have one more class tomorrow then I can officially say that I survived my first two weeks of college. 
I was soo damn nervous but I soon realized that college is so chill. 
The classrooms are super nice and i'm actually enjoying studying for classes.
I wanted to do some posting sometime in these past couple of weeks but I have yet to accept the fact that there are people everywhere and I need to overcome how camera-shy I am when i'm surrounded by people.
I felt that this outfit was quite fitting for my first post of the school year so Zac and I chose this semi-vacant ivy wall to shoot with. 
The shirt is vintage from the Gypsy Den, the skirt is also vintage from a cool store on State Street in Madison, WI, the saddle shoes are from a garage sale, and the "Yak Pack" was only 6 dollars from TJ Maxx and, supposedly, it's made out of recycled plastic banners.