Friday, August 31, 2012

Lovely Boots

So, I've wanted a pair of short, black, Chelsea-style boots for quite some time now & haven't been able to find the perfect pair...that is until a couple days ago when I found not one but three pairs from the Topshop website that I was dying to try on. After much thought... okay fine, after first sight, I decided I was going to buy a pair so I ventured down to the Topshop at the Fashion Show Mall to try these suckers on. Just my luck, the boots that I was intending to scope out were all sold out in my size... I thought I was S-O-L until I spotted these metal toed beauties. They were a bit of a splurge compared to the rest of my wardrobe but a good pair of boots are a good investment, in my book. These black beauties are going to be in my wardrobe for years to come.
tunic: thrift store// pants: BDG @ Urban Outfitters// shoes: Topshop// vintage necklace: thrift store// glasses: Ragstock

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Henri Bendel Las Vegas Grand Opening

Last night I attended the grand opening for the Henri Bendel store here in Las Vegas. I wish I had a photo to show of the beautiful store but I guess I was so distracted by the beautiful handbags and jewelry that I didn't think to take out my camera, that is until, of course, the moment I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful Miss Lucy Hale. She is a real sweet lady. I was quite chipper when she told me that my vintage dress looks like Chanel where I really bought it at an auction in Wisconsin this summer for two bucks! The rest of my outfit consisted of my H&M shoes (about $4), a vintage glitter belt from a thrift store ($1), and a vintage brown snakeskin or alligator purse I borrowed from my mom.
See a beautiful photo of the new Henri Bendel store here on the Las Vegas Review Journal site.

Monday, August 27, 2012

School Days

Today turned out to be a successful first day to the Fall semester, well, except for the 100+ degree weather and broken shoe. It's a good thing I had a pair of flip flops in my car. I'm ready for the chilly weather again. 
I finally have gotten around to featuring this lovely headpiece I bought at The Gypsy Den last March I believe. The dress is one of my favorite vintage finds from a thrift store; it's so comfortable and cute. I bought the shoes at a consignment store in St. George, Utah four or five years ago, and, as I said, they decided to break today. The leather Frye backpack was a complete score for $5 at a garage sale.

Friday, August 24, 2012

All Dolled Up

 I've wanted to share this adorable vintage dress for quite some time now; I it bought at a Salvation Army in Reno for $2. I bought the veil for $25 at a consignment store in California for an Alice in Wonderland themed prom a few years ago. The shoes are Stuart Weitzman and were purchased for $8 at a thrift store. The vintage earrings are one of my more recent finds which I picked up at a thrift store in Wisconsin for $1.50.
P.S. this post is a summer nod to this post: MEOW

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spanish Harlem

"Weather-wise it's such a lovely day..."
Since today was a little cooler than the 100+ degree days we've been having, I opted for this lightweight shirt I recently bought at Desert Industries Thrift Store for $3. The Levi shorts were a pair pants that I bought at Savers, chopped off the legs, and then distressed for around 6 bucks. I just recently purchased these shoes at H&M... here's the deal on the price of these: So I get to the checkout at H&M, ready to pay about $35 bucks for these shoes, complete the transaction, and then get home... a few days later I'm having a little buyer's remorse, so I look at the receipt and the guy at the checkout must have punched in the wrong numbers and charged me about $5 for these babies! Woo Hoo! I guess thrifty is just my destiny. The vintage turquoise bracelet was a gift from my mom last Christmas and the sombrero earrings (yes I said sombrero earrings) were a good thrift find last summer in Wisconsin for $2... I'm trying this new thing where I'm actually wearing my jewelry rather than letting it collect dust in my jewelry box.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in Black

 Today was a nice, yet unusually rainy day here in Nevada. The streets were covered in puddles and the drainage ditches were rushing with water. With these circumstances at hand, I decided to break in my new boots I recently purchased at Target for $35 minus the $25 gift card I used...what can I say, I'm a thrifty lady. The shirt was also a recent purchase from Nordstrom Rack for $25 which I bought specifically to wear with these faux leather vintage-ish pants I bought at a thrift store in Reno for $10. The vintage necklace is one my grandma gave me and the watch, which needs new batteries, I bought at Savers a couple years ago.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Strange Brew

 Jeepers & Pippa
Vegas is too damn hot so my brother & I opted to take photos inside. I had to get a bit more creative to avoid creating some lame indoor shots. You sure as hell better enjoy these action shots because it was a bit of a work out to jump and flip my hair until we got the perfect shot.

Vintage Hawaiian dress (the label says Honolulu)- $10 at Salvation Army
Shoes- $6 at Savers

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Before heading back to Nevada from Wisconsin, my brother, cousin and I just had to stop by Lollapalooza for a day mainly to see the headliner, The Black Keys, as well as some other bands we're quite fond of. It turned out to be an excellent way to close out our summer in the midwest.
I'm wearing an El Camino Black Keys shirt that made me gasp when I came across it at a THRIFT STORE yeah, that's right... $6.40. The shorts are another pair of hand dyed and studded cut off shorts that I bought at the Gypsy Den (Similar to the ones I wore at Bonnaroo this year). The vintage beaded purse is from a thrift store in Reno, I bought it for $4.00. And to top it all off, I'm wearing my favorite shape of sunglasses (round that is) which I bought two for $8.00 at the Maxwell Street Days sale at Ragstock in Madison, WI.
Dr. Dog
 Die Antwoord
 Band of Skulls
 The Shins
 The Black Keys!!