Tuesday, October 30, 2012

90s Kid

 The 90s child in me was so stoked to find tattoo chokers on The Cobra Snake & so I couldn't resist stocking up on them in every color! I love this preppy little vintage skirt I bought for a few bucks at Ragstock in Madison a 5 years ago; it can be worn in with so many different styles of outfits. The jean shirt was thrifted I believe and the white shirt is one that i'm not quite sure that I like. I bought it about six years ago and have kept it in the depths of my shirt drawer for the past few years but today I  thought it went well with the look of this outfit. Who knows maybe it'll end up at Goodwill in a weekI haven't quite decided its fate....
As you may have noticed, I got my hair freshly cut today. I had her lighten up the weight of my hair around my face with some layers and it feels soo much better. When I made my appointment, I was so set on getting my hair cut & colored like Brigitte Bardot but then chickened out. It would have been to much $$$ and maintenance to keep up with. It would have also taken for-ev-er to get my hair back to its au natural color. Anyways, I like my natural color & I can thank the good ole sun for saving me money with these natural highlights.

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