Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Bowler

 Happy Spring Everyone! 
Today I'm wearing head to toe thrift:
The vintage hat was a gift to me from my boyfriend, my mom bought the vintage necklace for me at a thrift store in Palm Springs, the black lace dress was $12 at a thrift store in Madison, Wisconsin, the saddle shoes were purchased at Savers in Reno, NV last year, and I picked up this vintage handbag at a garage sale this year for $1.50.

P.S. I submitted this outfit to the thrift outfit contest over at Thrift Store Runway. They host a contest each month with 5 winners who get either $100 each or $500 each if they receive 50+ entrants. So head on over to your nearest thrift store, consignment store, or garage sale and whip together some thrifty outfits to win some CA$$$H.
Happy thrifting!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow Gypsy

 ^mid-sentence mouthage
YoOoo everyone! 
I just got home from a nice getaway weekend in Utah. Although the fresh mountain air was lovely, my desert-rat self is happy to back in 80 degree Nevada weather.
As mentioned a few posts ago, i'm now working at Anthropologie, which is more like a source of an expense than an income for me as I've been making use of that employee discount quite a bit lately. This dress is one I bought with my discount at the Fashion Show Mall's Free People last friday. It is sooo lovely and butter-soft. Definitely a must-have dress for this spring/summer. 
The coat i'm wearing is a Roxy one that I bought at a thrift store in Reno last year. It is the perfect thickness and looks so good over everything. You can see me wearing it in the post Nature Walk. 
My mom bought me these fun Betsey Johnson over-the-knee socks a couple christmases ago and the boots are from Target.