Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Dresses & Flowers

A Monet made of flowers
Yesterday I went to the Bellagio with my mom, sister, and aunt to see the Bellagio gardens, the art gallery which is currently displaying Monet and other impressionists, and to eat at the super tasty restaurant called Olives (tooo good). After the Bellagio, we also went to check out the Gypsy Den... I picked up a really cute top there. All in which I wore my knot dress from Nasty Gal, a vintage purse from a garage sale, a spike necklace from The Gypsy Den, and vintage sandals.
The second photo at the top is what i'm wearing today: a great vintage dress I just picked up at a thrift store ($5), a vintage hat also from a thrift store ($5), and flats on sale from The Gap. Later on I bought an  amazing bracelet from a garage sale for $1 (5th photo from the bottom).
The last photo is on the way to the airport... I miss Jeepers already!

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