Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Start to Run

Here's an outfit from yesterday. 
I didn't really have the time or energy to publish this post last night after getting back from the Summerfest, so, here it is.
During the day time yesterday, we went and visited the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee. Which is so beautiful by the way! The home used to belong to the Smith family who designed it after returning from their honeymoon in Italy and man, the Italian influence is very noticeable . In the first two photos, if you look in the background, you can see the long set of water stairs. So awesome, right? 
On this venture today, I donned a vintage top that i'm pretty sure I bought at a thrift store. 
I bought the skirt about three years ago at a Charlotte Russe. 
Now the shoes are a bit more interesting. I found these vintage shoes, covered in dust, in one of my relative's old farmhouse attic. So I hosed them off and, walah! Good as new.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

el agua

Traveled down to Chicago to drop off my foreign exchange sister at the airport today with my family. 
We then journeyed up to Milwaukee, WI to meet up with some family friends. These photos were taken today on a beach of Lake Michigan... What a beautiful day! You can't really see the clouds too well in this photos because it's a bit over exposed in the background but they were soo perfect.
I wanted to be comfy today because I was running on 2 hours of sleep so this outfit worked out nicely.
The vintage sequin vest is vintage of a garage sale and can be seen in a previous post, Sailor Circus.
The tank top is one that I found at a thrift store and the skirt also was recently discovered at a thrift store here in Wisconsin. Ooo and the shoes I bought last year on sale at anthropologie. They actually come with detachable, big red pom poms that I took off today because they were too noisy when my long skirt brushed against them. 
Summerfest tomorrow... au revoir !

Monday, June 20, 2011

where the water tastes like wine

This is my outfit of yesterday. It's really quite simple; a Lacoste dress found at a thrift store, Target sandals and purse. 
Don't you love the background of this photo? 
Well I do. I'm in Wisconsin on vacation. I've been coming back here each summer ever since I can remember and have loved every month of it. I love that there's so many old buildings, places and things that haven't been touched in years. Oh yeah, and the thrift stores are AWESOME.
Time to unpack the clothes I brought back here. 
Sorry if the next couple months of outfit posts don't quite compare to my previous ones but it's really hard while packing to project what i'm going to feel like wearing and fit it all into a bag that has to weight less than 40lbs aye aye!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I Graduated on Thursday, Woo! Now the rest of my life is up to me... weird. These past couple of days i've been busy with graduation parties but I will try to fit in an outfit post sometime soon. Today I actually have four parties to attend and my party is tomorrow. There will be a DJ, swimming, and DOZENS of cupcakes. Some of you readers may not be attending my party but you can czech out some of the DJ's mixes and some photography (here).
Which also reminds me of another item on my to do list which is to publish a post of my boyfriend, Zac's, music. Here's a link to his bandcamp for the time being.
Stay Posted!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Simple Pleasure

My senior year is finally coming to an end... my last day of class is tomorrow and graduation is creepin up on June 9th. This photo was taken at one of my favorite places at school: the wall of ivy. 
I am in love with this dress by the way. I picked it up at forever 21 a couple days ago for twenty-five bucks, which was actually a little pricey for me because i'm so used to my $10 and less thrift store finds but i'm sure going to wear it down to the very last thread... it's so breezy and soft.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cotton Candy

I was washin' cars with Zac and noticed this b-e-a-utiful sunset so we hopped up on his roof, myself in a skirt, mind you, and enjoyed the colors in the sky.
I bought the shirt from a lady who made them herself on Venice Beach a few years back.
The skirt is of Anthropologie's sale rack which reminds me of a cupcake and could use some ironing as you may notice. I guess the peace sign on the shirt takes care of my "i dont iron" look. 
Bed time. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nothing but a mirage

Oo these photos were fun! I've got a very talented lady friend, Tatum, who took these. 
You can see more from this day (under "queen of the desert")
 & check out more of her work at her blog: tbg photography.
P.S. the dress is vintage from a thrift store in Wisconsin.