Thursday, December 8, 2011


So... I know I said that the cold weather is my favorite to dress for but I've found that the hardest part is to not just roll out of bed fifteen minutes before class and throw on the coziest thing I can find. For when I do have those days (which have been occurring quite often), I turn to this amazing Kensie sweater  I bought at Nordstrom Rack about a month ago. I'm in love.
The vintage pants are another piece shipped to me from my aunt to model for her etsy store, Very Tres Chic.
I bought the BDG shoes on sale at UO this summer and the origami crane earrings were handmade by my sister message me if you want to buy a pair!


  1. I love the origami earrings I would definitely buy a pair I just don't know if you'd send them to Wisconsin... This is Zaks girlfriend Caitlin by the way he told me about your blog and I love seeing all the amazing outfits you come up with you have amazing style!!!:) well let me know how much the earrings would be if you'd be willing to send them all the way here. Thanks:)

  2. Yeah I'm sure Cally would love to make you a pair! You can email her at for pricing and your color preferences :)