Monday, December 5, 2011

Late Thanksgiving

 I'm a couple weeks late on this post because I took all the photos on my dad's camera and forgot to get the photos onto my computer before I left. 
Well, here they are, I hope you enjoy this little montage of my Thanksgiving night.
P.S. isn't the dining room perfect?
It sure looks like a million dollar dining room but I had to get my thriftiness from somewhere, right?
My mom is the Goddess of Thrifting.
A few of her finds in this room include the chairs she got reupholstered from a garage sale, green goblets from an estate sale,  and I think she hauled the plates back home on an airplane from a thrift store in Wisconsin.
 Jeepers place setting
One of my favorites: fruit salad
buns rising
 my mom's famous punch recipe
 Our new tea pot

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