Thursday, August 18, 2011

They've got more bounce in California

I need to live in Santa Monica. Period. End of story. It's going to happen at some point in my life. For several years my family has vacationed in Santa Monica, particularly at a cute, older, 1950s looking hotel called the Cal Mar. Just this last monday and tuesday I went on a short road trip with my sister, her friend from school, and our friend, Lise, from Norway/London to Santa Monica... unfortunately we didn't get to stay at our traditional hotel but we still stayed in the wonderful city of Santa Monica. We spent one day at the Santa Monica beach and by night, we ventured off to Hollywood for some dinner at Le petit four. Oh yeah and we just happened to drive by the playboy mansion and see a bunny, all decked out in her playboy gear, walking her dog by the mansion. haha We're such tourists.
Anyways, I had a great time and envy everyone who is lucky enough to afford the most beautiful houses  that grace the Southern California turf.
Above, I'm wearing an H&M band-style jacket, a dress I picked up at a thrift store, and my toms.
In another outfit, i've got on the same jacket, an H&M tank, and Levi shorts that I originally bought as jeans at a thrift store and destroyed into shorts... definitely my most successful pair. 
The three buttons on my jacket are from a venice beach vender which cost 50 cents a piece... good deal.
adios amigos, I've got a hair appointment at 8am tomorrow. Aye, aye!

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