Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Buy Summer

Summer vacation is coming to an end and, unfortunately, I didn't get many posts in. Part of this could have been because it was so damn hot I didn't even want to wear clothes! No worries, once I get all settled in college, the weather will be beautiful and so will the campus which will make for fun posts.
Here are a few of my good "buys" of the summer.
Nail stickers from Sephora
I got them a year ago and haven't used them until just a week ago they cost $16 dollars I think. 
The package said the life of the stickers was 1-2 days which was the truth for my experience with them.
They were a bit annoying but I think these are prime for special events where you're going to be wearing   them for just a day. Recently, Sephora came out with a longer lasting line of nail stickers which probably work nicely. Sephora is a pretty trustworthy company.
Just my two cents on nail stickers.xo
My new sushi necklace. 
I bought this at a hip little store called Pop Deluxe on State street in Madison, WI. 
I actually had an eye on this necklace for about a year but it was always a little out of my price range. This summer I noticed that it was 75% off and walked out of the store with a $20 work of art sushi necklace. It is so detailed, I love it!
So when Zac and I went for sushi I really couldn't resist not to wear it.
Circle Glasses= my favorite
These glasses cost me one dollar.
Zac and I were doing a little shopping at H&M and noticed a whole section in the accessory department was dedicated to $1 sunglasses. We each both bought three.

Daisy Bike
 This beautiful new bike is my set of wheels for the next year. 
I'm in love.
The yellow frame looks soo good with the green rims and white wall tires!
I do have a basket but unfortunately Jeepers wont be cruising with me in it when I head to college.
Oh and in this photo i'm wearing a vintage crochet top given to me by my aunt and a yellow skirt that used to be my sister's.
My American Apparel swimsuit.
This suit treated me well this season. 
All except the awkward tan lines that it marked me with.
Check out more views and colors of this suit HERE.

enjoy the pool weather while it's still here!

P.S. Isn't Pattie Boyd soo cute?

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