Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wisconsin Thrifting

Year after year, the thrift stores in Wisconsin never cease to amaze me. Each store is packed with all kinds of vintage treasures at the greatest prices whereas in Nevada, they price an ugly 80s dress like it's vintage gold. So when I get back to Wisconsin each summer, I can hardly contain my excitement to scope out my next big find. I've been here for about 3 days and already have made two thrift store outings; I've made out with some great finds...
Day One
Vintage Handmade halter dress: $4.50
Vintage cape: $4.00
Vintage bracelet with excellent quality beads: $5
 Vintage rhinestone earrings: $8.00
This type of rhinestone is such great quality... they really don't make em' like this anymore.
(I have matching necklaces at home too!)
 Cute little vintage flower earrings: $4.50
 Vintage children's musical Fisher Price toy: $4.50
(I thought it was too cute to pass up, plus our puppy might like to chase it)
Vintage ceramic donkey sculpture: 2.50
Vintage 1960s Official Bartender's Guide: $1.50
Vintage National Geographics: 90 cents each
Sunset magazine's Quick Cooking for Two: $1.95
Real Simple meals made easy: $1.50
Day Two
Purple terrycloth romper: $2.50
 Vintage flower earrings: $1.00
 Vintage woven purse: $8.00
 Vintage Pyrex Bowl: $3.99
 The Partridge Family album: $2.92
Polka Party: $2.00
Hansel and Gretel children's record: $2.97

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