Monday, July 30, 2012

Posters of Paris

 I love all the Marie Antoinette-like paintings. 
(Clearly^ I need to take an art history class to get down the art terminology) 
 I was so shocked by how mod this 1820s couch looks! And the wallpaper... so cool. 
*Future living room*
 What a cutie & a beauty in that little black beret.
 Today I went down to the Milwaukee Museum of Art with my mom, cousins, and aunt to check out the Posters of Paris exhibition. The exhibition, obviously, featured old posters that decorated the walls of Paris back in the good old days. Photos were not allowed inside the Paris exhibition so I don't have any photos to share of that but above are a few of the hundreds of pieces in the museum that really caught my eye. 
I wore an I heart Ronson dress from a Buffalo Exchange-type store in Reno called Junkee- $14,
A vintage black beaded purse from a thrift store- $4,
Shoes from Nordstrom Rack,
& the newest item of my closet, the black beret, was bought at the museum gift shop for $16.

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