Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Flower Purse

I've been meaning to post these beautiful photos of this floral vintage purse DIY for quite some time now but it's been on the back-burner as I've been so busy. That said here is a very simple DIY for an adorable little purse (similar to the one I wore in this post) that will get you hundreds of complements.
What You'll Need:
a cloth covered purse from a thrift store, garage sale, grandma's closet, etc. (vintage or not)
faux flowers (with leaves) of your choice...I used peonies
A hot glue gun
a Popsicle stick or something to push down the flowers into the scorching hot glue

***Thrifty Tip: If you plan on buying your flowers at Joann's or Hobby Lobby, don't forget to print off the 40% off coupon that they always have posted on their sites.

 Step 1: Cut off your favorite flowers and leaves from their stems. Then, before you start glueing, lay out an estimate of where you would like to place your flowers... this is an important step!
 Step 2: After you have gotten a good idea of where your flowers will be set, start glueing down your leaves then top it off with the beautiful flowers.
*Don't forget how hot that glue is and use a Popsicle stick or something similar to push down the leaves and flowers into the glue.
 And after those simple steps, there you have it, you're finished product!

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