Sunday, January 8, 2012


He's kind of a badass.
Breakfast with Grandma.
Black sweater: my grandma's closet
Greenish/teal shirt: Hand-me-down from my sista
Handmade necklace from the Gypsy Den.
Cold Chillin'
Pippa in heaven
 Jasmine Green Tea
free people faux fur jacket, zara top, vintage guess shorts from a garage sale,
 & Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes from Nordstrom Rack

This photo montage pretty much sums up my week: lots of fluffy animals, indulging in delicious food at home (i.e.:Toblerone chocolate), beautiful weather, acoustic guitar listening, and, of course, driving my Bug!
Life is so easy when you've got no responsibilities. This wont last as long as I'd wish, however. I'm back to school in a couple weeks. *sigh* 

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