Monday, January 2, 2012

Disco Skates

Last night I went to a roller disco night at the skating rink called Crystal Palace with a bunch of friends and decided to spray paint my roller skates gold for the occasion. 
The roller skates came from one of Zac's friends who found them somewhere and figured I'd like them and the spray paint was left over from a ceramics these sweet set of wheels didn't cost me a dollar.
The ridiculousness of the outfit I wore was due to the disco theme of the night. 
 I wore a vintage crochet top given to my by my aunt, sequin shorts on sale from H&M, and tights from Buffalo Exchange.
I was still in the roller skating groove today so Zac, Jeepers, and I went to the skate park and rolled around a bit. 
AND I could wear shorts today without being freezing. Yes!

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  1. Wish I knew how to skate. It lOoks like so much fun