Thursday, September 8, 2011

ivy league

Halleluja! I have one more class tomorrow then I can officially say that I survived my first two weeks of college. 
I was soo damn nervous but I soon realized that college is so chill. 
The classrooms are super nice and i'm actually enjoying studying for classes.
I wanted to do some posting sometime in these past couple of weeks but I have yet to accept the fact that there are people everywhere and I need to overcome how camera-shy I am when i'm surrounded by people.
I felt that this outfit was quite fitting for my first post of the school year so Zac and I chose this semi-vacant ivy wall to shoot with. 
The shirt is vintage from the Gypsy Den, the skirt is also vintage from a cool store on State Street in Madison, WI, the saddle shoes are from a garage sale, and the "Yak Pack" was only 6 dollars from TJ Maxx and, supposedly, it's made out of recycled plastic banners.

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