Monday, May 2, 2011

Florida Photo Diary

Miami Beach/ wildflower/ airboat ride on the florida everglades/stickz/ florida everglades/ Retro sign/ Vintage Dress from a California Flea Market/ Monkey street art/ My foreign exchange sista, Malin, and myself/ Shirt from a Florida Thrift store/ American Apparel Swimsuit/ Gunnar and Malin/ One man Band/ vintage dress from a California Flea Market// Kayaking in the Mangroves vintage top from The Gypsy Den/ Shell Car/ Six toed Cats are famous at Ernest Hemingway's house/ leaves/ Pac-man tile/ Baby Pineapple//Coconut Milk/  Heading out/ Happy on the plane ride reading The Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Artists of all Time, Tazo tea and noise blocking headphones. Perfect.

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