Monday, May 9, 2011

Alley Cat

 "Tell me about it, stud."
What I Wore today consisted of a super cozy striped dress from Target, Vintage heels from a thrift store that wobble when I walk, and a bowler style "Pink Ladies" shirt i've had for at least ten years. 
I remember when my mom was ordering these shirts for my sister, my cousins, and I, we could get them personalized with our names on them and I, being obsessed with the Grease movie at the time, begged my mom to order mine to say 'Sandy' like the character in the movie rather than 'Karina' on the left chest pocket. I now know why my mom tried talking me out of embroidering that on my shirt because I am now stuck with a shirt with a random 'Sandy' embroidery on it.
*glasses from Buffalo Exchange

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