Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Very Vintage Hollywood Prom

I'm so happy to have such a great boyfriend who was willing to come down from college to be my date at my senior prom... thank you Zac! xo The theme for the prom this year was Vintage Hollywood, I think Zac and I were up to dress code. His shoes are of a previous Savers trip and we found Zac's jacket and shirt at savers as well. Score! His pants, however were a bit more difficult. He ordered tan corduroy pants from a skate company called active in his usual size only to find out the night before prom that the pants were a 'super slim fit'. He looked like a little middle school, tight-panted skater boy. Needless to say, it was hilarious. So on the day of prom we went down to the mall and ended up finding a better deal and fit at The Gap on sale for about 15 bucks. Naice! 
Moving on to my ensemble... My vintage 1950s dress was purchased at a local antique mall for only 40 bucks. And I can wear it again. The Classiques Entier shoes were a little bit of a splurge but Hey, they're good quality and soo comfy with that little kitten heel. Another piece i'll be wearing again. The jewelry I wore was borrowed from my mom. Her earrings are vintage and the ring is a newer one. They are both really great pieces. 
Oh and the hair! The style is called victory rolls. I love the pin-up look. It was such a shame to wash them out of my hair though. I've had a girl named Ashley who has done my hair for the past three years from poufy pony tails to giant beehives this girl knows how to make any style work with my hair. I'm going to miss having the excuse of a high school dance for her to do my hair!

These last two photos are from one of the dress up days we have at school before a dance. This day was 'Celebrity Dress up Day'. My friend Devon was dressed as Katy Perry and I as Mary Kate Olsen. 
See any resemblance? HA

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