Tuesday, April 19, 2011

une année sans lumiere

I'm a bit late on this post... I actually went to this show April 14th. 
Oh man. They put on such a great show! 
The music was amazing of course and it was so much fun to be in the crowd dancing and singing along to the songs. I probably sound kind of stupid trying to explain how I felt about it. I'm not very good at that you see; describing, in words, how I feel about certain things things. Yeah, not really my forte. Anyways.
 The finale was awesome too... just when I thought they weren't going to perform Sprawl II for me to dance to (as if I wasn't dancing around enough) they break it out as their final song. I don't know why but when ever I hear that song, I feel a sudden urge to go rollerskating. I still have yet to rollerskate to that song. *Note to self: add Rollerskate to Sprawl II to bucket list.
And then... yes ladies and gentlemen there's more to this magnificent night, as if it couldn't have gotten any better right?
Well, I won the set list signed by the Arcade Fire! 
Ha I bet I looked pretty goofy with a big old smile on my face when I walked out of the venue with my hands holding this delicate piece of paper to my chest.

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