Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spice Girl

I could not pass up these Jeffrey Campbell shoes when I came across them on Nasty Gal's site... SO much Spice Girl nostalgia. I have wanted shoes like these since I was like 6-- dream fulfilled (finally). 
I love that the 90s are making a comeback in fashion... so on yet another occasion in which I was procrastinating my homework, I came across this crop top on Nasty Gal *click* added to shopping cart.
The Juicy Couture Shades are from Off Saks Fifth Avenue.
The velvet skirt I just recently picked up at Goodwill for somewhere around $5 I believe.
Oh yeah and the Jeffrey Campbells are paired with socks on sale from Urban Outfitters I bought a couple of years ago.

 It's a beautiful day so i'm doing homework on a futon in Zac's backyard that we picked up for $20 on cragslist... cheers!

This is what his new and improved backyard looks like. 
Not too shabby, right?


  1. I love those shoes! And you are not alone I have always wanted a pair since I watched Spice World!!
    Also love the blog:)