Sunday, October 16, 2011


 Sorry for the kinda crappy photo quality on these... the building with these bottles on it, of which i've been dreaming of taking photos with, finally had their barbed wire gates open yesterday and I didn't have my camera in my purse (a very rare moment for me) so we made do with my camera's phone which wasn't half bad but man, I hope I can get in there some other time with my better camera!
Secondly, before I get into what I'm wearing, check out this amazing chair throne I bought for $20... I couldn't believe it. Yes, I do live in the dorms and have no place to put it just like my velvet covered, eight chair, 1970s dining room set I have stored in my basement back home but I'll have to squeeze it in Zac's place for the time being.
Now on to what I'm wearing... I bought the jacket at plato's closet which isn't really my favorite place but I'm glad I kept digging to find this one still with its original tags on it. The shirt is from the Savers thrift store in Vegas and the vintage suede skirt is also from a Savers but this one is from the one in Reno. And my frequently worn shoes are from the Gap.

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