Monday, June 20, 2011

where the water tastes like wine

This is my outfit of yesterday. It's really quite simple; a Lacoste dress found at a thrift store, Target sandals and purse. 
Don't you love the background of this photo? 
Well I do. I'm in Wisconsin on vacation. I've been coming back here each summer ever since I can remember and have loved every month of it. I love that there's so many old buildings, places and things that haven't been touched in years. Oh yeah, and the thrift stores are AWESOME.
Time to unpack the clothes I brought back here. 
Sorry if the next couple months of outfit posts don't quite compare to my previous ones but it's really hard while packing to project what i'm going to feel like wearing and fit it all into a bag that has to weight less than 40lbs aye aye!

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